Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Just dumped a nice provocative comment over on John C. Wright's excellent blog

This thought provoking article details the three stages of progression of the modern disease whence a person might descend into SJWdom...

1) Degradation of faculty of reason, resulting in a solipsistic outlook
2) Degradation of notions of authority, leading to nihilistic obsessions with power
3) Degradation of ability to make moral distinctions, leading to inversion of the natural instincts of self-sacrifice into destructive projection.

Hop on over and have a read - riveting stuff.

For some reason, this inspired me to get on one of my favourite hobby horses, which is that we Europeans often get blamed for every kind of censorious collectivist movement ever to have graced the planet we live on.  Not quite sure what John did to merit being the target for this particular outpouring, but I suppose we have to take inspiration wherever we find it.  I'm expect if he has the time to respond it will be characteristically both amusing and challenging.

Here is the post.  The basic premise being that the USA was founded by SJWs:

I agree entirely about the political left being the home of mob-rule. That said, it is rather puzzling as to why the Founding Fathers pressed ahead with their utopia if they were far sighted enough to anticipate its downfall. It was certainly always obvious enough to us on the other side of the pond. Sadly, it has rather queered our own pitch into the bargain.

Apologies if I’m treading unceremoniously on the cherished founding myths of your glorious empire (oops, I mean nation) but look at it from our point of view for a moment:

The New York based MSM of the time whips the masses into a frenzy by appealing to popular sentiments about freedom/liberty with an affirmative action policy that consists of chanting "No taxation without representation". In reality, this is a figleaf for their real motivations of anti-militarism (seven years war) and tax avoidance. (stamp act) History vindicates the morality of the British position (Napoleon / French Revolution / Guillotine Deicides / The Terror). The French sponsors are so chuffed with the result that they send over a massive atheist statue to welcome in loads of new immigrants to cuck the remaining English Christians out of existence. The proto-Marxist Oppressor/oppressed rhetoric culminates in a gang of leftists blacking up as mohawks, going on a rampage & causing millions of dollars worth of damage to private property, needlessly dumping hundreds of casks of valuable tea in the river.

Sound familiar?

I suppose we can be thankful that the modern SJW is far more conscious of the problematic nature of cultural appropriation of indigenous groups.

Can’t we...?

It all does sound rather familiar, doesn’t it?

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